Medilink DEXA Bone Densitometry
Innovative solutions for osteoporosis detection

Medilink is dedicated to improving bone health by developing solutions to help specialists monitor people at risk of osteoporosis, as well as to diagnose, and successfully treat those who suffer from it. Medilink’s complete range of bone densitometry solutions address practitioner’s needs on every level - from routine screening to complete diagnostic and monitoring tools.

MedixDR | Whole Body DEXA system

Medilink’s latest innovation in bone densitometry and body composition is the MedixDR Whole Body DEXA system. The MedixDR features state-of-theart 2D narrow-angle fan beam technology based on a 256 element detector, which provides excellent image quality as well as fast exam times, making it the ideal solution for all types of practices. The MedixDR is powered by Eazix, Medilink’s powerful software platform, designed with usability and efficiency in mind. Because of the reduced magnification and distortion effects (parallax errors) inherent to wide-angle fan beam densitometry, the 2D narrow-angle fan beam technology in the MedixDR ensure that area, BMD and geometric measurements are always accurate.

MedixDR Features

  • Uses proven Narrow-Angle 2D Fan Beam technology
  • The 256 element detector ensures excellent image quality
  • Full size DEXA unit capable of whole body composition and regional bone density scans
  • Quick scan times of 11 seconds for hip and 15 seconds for AP spine when using ‘Fast Mode’ (See page 6 for more)

MedixC90 | New Generation Compact DEXA System

The MedixC90 is the economical and compact bone denistometry DEXA solution from Medilink, which featues Digital Fast Beam technology, and is powered by Eazix, the same intuitive software platform used by the MedixDR. The MedixC90 is a versatile device, capable of fast examination times without compromising on accuracy. Adapted to all types of structures, including high-workflow practices, the MedixC90 is the ideal solution for routine osteoporosis screening and it guarantees a maximum return on investment. In addition to calculating bone density on the three sites implicated in the detection of osteoporosis: hip, spine and forearm, the Medix 90 includes the most relevant options for complementary exams, including Orthopaedics and Paediatrics.

Medix90 Features

  • Uses Digital Fast Beam® technology
  • Designed for routine osteoporosis screening
  • Measuring only 2m long, the compact MedixC90 is perfect for practices with limited floorspace
  • Quick scan times of around 60 seconds for spine, hip or forearm (See page 6 for more)
  • Medilink’s cost effective DEXA solution

MedixDR and C90 Features

One complete solution
The Medix range of DEXA units are complete solutions, ensuring you can easily perform routine exams for osteoporosis diagnosis, as well as a wide range of applications covering all of your clinical needs.

DR: Optimal Diagnosis
The MedixDR uses proven narrow-angle fan beam technology with 256 elements, providing the highest quality images for an optimal diagnosis.

C90: Digital Fast Beam
The MedixC90 uses the latest generation of Digital Fast Beam technology, which uses a mono detector enabling an accurate result, and produces a better image resolution in a faster time than traditional Pencil Beam scanners.

Flexible, powerful software
The MedixDR and MedixC90 are powered by Eazix, a powerful software platform that conveniently optimises the acquisition, processes, stores and recalls data, as well as saving you time and providing consistent results.

Perform fast scans
Perform fast hip, spine or wrist scans in as little as 15 seconds (DR) and 60 seconds (C90), and whole body composition scans in 5 minutes (in Fast Mode on the DR). See page 6 for more information.

Data importation
The MedixDR and MedixC90 are capable of importing existing exams and databases from all DEXA brands, ensuring upgrading to Medilink is a simple and seamless process.

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